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Junior Coin

JC is a token that comes from the need to have a specific coin for under 18, which allows on the one hand to have a parent control, but on the other hand to give children, adolescents and boys/girls freedom and responsibility to grow in a protected ecosystem designed specifically for this age group. Junior Coin will allow the development of a cognitive and technological platform in which to interact in the social field, train, grow, have fun and develop new skills and abilities in a context where a play station becomes not only a game station, but also an ad calculation tool sensory immersion thanks to which to socialize and share experiences, when the use of the same platform regulates the behavior and the training objectives, of a use that is not simply a game, but rather the development of cognitive skills guided by expert trainers. JC is the token that has as its underlying the set of services aimed at protected groups, with specific reference to training, educational, entertainment and sports services in a social context.

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